Danny Espinosa. (Photo by Toni L. Sandys/ The Washington Post)

Exams on Danny Espinosa’s right hamstring revealed he has a tear in the attachment, essentially a tendon sprain, of his right hamstring, Manager Matt Williams said. The tear is believed to be small and won’t require any surgery, simply rest and treatment.

“We’re going to have to be cautious,” Williams said.

Williams has said he thinks Espinosa aggravated the injury during a pinch-running appearance on Sept. 14 in Philadelphia.

“The Philly game, when he scored from third, he really felt it,” Williams said. “Don’t know exactly if that was the cause of it or he had issues with it before. Nothing that was alarming before. But that night, it really got him. Since then, he hasn’t been out there and he’s been trying to get it better. It was markedly better the last few days, which is a good sign, but he hasn’t done much either.”

Espinosa had been dealing with a hamstring issue for some time before that. The Nationals used him as a pinch runner and the injury worsened. Espinosa was a near-everyday player for the first four months of the season while injuries beset the roster. He played wherever needed, too, learning first and third base, and left field.

But once some of the injured Nationals returned and sputtered, Espinosa’s playing time was reduced. Since late July, Espinosa has 75 at-bats and only 15 starts over a month and two-thirds. His body had to adjust to different demands and roles.

Even though Williams didn’t rule it out, Espinosa is unlikely to see action soon. “We’ll have to see how he reacts,” Williams said. “He’s reacted well to all the treatment. That’ll be an everyday thing.”