Dusty Baker checks the box for nearly every old-school manager qualification, but he’s not one to emerge from the dugout to heatedly bicker with umpires as often as managers of yesteryear, at least not since joining the Nationals.

But a switch flipped for Baker against the Cubs during the sixth inning Thursday afternoon. Baker became angry that first-base umpire David Rackley didn’t call a foul tip on Ryan Raburn’s strike three and surfaced from the dugout to emphatically plead his case. Rackley promptly tossed him, but not before Baker continued an extended one-sided conversation before walking off into the clubhouse.

“I asked the home plate umpire, ‘Can you get some help?’ and he said he already asked him,” Baker explained after the game. “And then he said he [was] too far away to see and I said, ‘He clearly foul tipped it and hit the dirt.’ I mean, I could see that. Big time. So he said he was too far away and you know evidently he could see because couldn’t hear me I don’t think. And so he said he could hear me say ‘You can’t see anyway.’ So he ejected me and it was a bad call and there’s no way I should have been ejected.”

It was the first ejection in Baker’s tenure as Nationals manager; he went all of 2016 without getting thrown out of a game. Bench coach Chris Speier, who managed three games for Baker earlier this season, assumed the managerial duties with the game tied 1-1.