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Which version of the Nats' bench was best?

The veteran infielder said the inner ear issues are not entirely gone, but his condition has improved significantly.

Washington might finally be getting some backup at third base.

The veteran infielder and beloved clubhouse presence has seen three different doctors about his inner ear issue.

Drew got a diagnosis, but not a quick cure, when he returned to D.C. from last week's road trip.

The unorthodox home run was Washington's eighth pinch-hit homer of the season, three more than they had all of last year.

...and what the Nationals manager had to say about a certain right-fielder's appeal of his one-game suspension.

The Nationals bench did something it has never done before in Friday night's 5-3 win.

The veteran infielder started the rally that won the game Tuesday night with an 0-2 single.

The Nationals' bench now includes a notable balance of power, experience, lefties and righties.

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