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The former Washington center fielder was back for the first time this weekend.

Outfielder says Washington and his agent had some dialogue this off-season but there wasn't a high level of interest in returning him to D.C.

As expected, the former Nationals center fielder, coming off an injury-plagued season, agrees to a deal elsewhere.

Span on his return: "I knew I couldn't give them what I normally could bring to this game and this ballclub."

The center fielder is headed to the disabled for the third time this season.

The Nationals outfield is intact again, the lineup is restored for the first time all season.

The Nationals' starting center fielder expects to play in the big leagues Tuesday for the first time since early July.

The outfielder played the field for a second straight night, collecting two hits in five innings for Hagerstown.

The Nationals center fielder played for the first time since landing on the disabled list in July.

The Nationals center fielder experienced a set back this week, slowing his return from the back injury that's kept him out since July.

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