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A quick thank you, from your Nationals beat crew.

Can Max Scherzer stifle the Dodgers left-handers? Can Trea Turner hit Rich Hill's curveball? Can Dusty Baker break his streak?

The Nats did not fall apart, they rallied. The bullpen did not collapse, it blinked. But they did not win, they lost.

Playoff experience seems to be paying off for Washington with the veterans looking calm and patient at the plate.

'We've had that conversation,' the ace right-hander said Sunday.

Baker told another story Wednesday, one that explains his deep ties to the organization his Nationals face in the NLDS.

The Nationals right-fielder said he enjoys the postseason energy, which he fed off to great effect in 2014.

The Nationals' full-time shortstop liked his production overall, but was disappointed by his average and strikeouts.

What happens if the Nationals cannot play Thursday?

Jose Lobaton appears to be the likely starter for the Nationals, but rookie Pedro Severino is also expected to see time behind the plate.

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