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Hoping to call on "untapped revenue sources," the Nationals have recommitted to selling the naming rights to Nationals Park.

The new netting is expected to cover both dugouts and protect fans from foul balls and bats.

Friday night's game was the first in Nationals history to be suspended for a reason other than weather.

The lights went out at Nationals Park three times Friday night, eventually halting the game between the Dodgers and Nationals after five innings.

The outfield was "ankle-deep" in water and the dugouts were filled with feet of it.

The walk-through magnometers will be added to Nationals Park gates in accordance with a request from Major League Baseball.

Brewers shortstop Jean Segura, whose 9-month-old son died suddenly last week, received support from the Nationals and their fans.

One expert believes that continuing delay could hurt the value of any potential deal.

After months of silence despite requests for comment, a member of the team's ownership group finally address the rejected roof proposal.

Former Nationals starter Jason Marquis returns to the Nationals Park mound for the first time since leaving the club in 2011.

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