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We answered a range of questions from Jordan Zimmermann to Adam LaRoche to Ian Desmond to MASN to Viera's Panera.

In the return of our question-and-answer, we'll answer the best questions about the Nationals.

Both of us were guests in a Reddit AMA on the Nationals on Wednesday and there were some highlights.

In other installment of our Q&A, we tackle a range of questions from the rotation, infield and TV contract.

Doug Fister. Jerry Blevins. Nate McLouth. No. 5 starter. Ask us your Nationals offseason questions.

Tackling a range of issues, from the bench to the bullpen to Anthony Rendon to a case for Robinson Cano.

In the second installment of our Q&A, we seek questions from you on the Nationals.

In our first question-and-answer forum with readers, we tackle the managerial search, the bullpen, a TV deal and more.

Submit your questions about the Nats, the impending offseason and managerial search, and we will answer them next week.