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The Nationals manger mixed up the batting order ahead of the Mets series, moving Werth to the two-spot.

Despite hitting third all season, Harper ranks near the bottom of the league in at-bats with runners on base.

With runners on base, the Nationals are last in the NL with a .229 average and 13th with a .697 OPS.

Dusty Baker isn't ready to commit, but Monday's lineup offered a potential glimpse.

Dusty Baker has a few options and suggestions.

Baker: "It’s a matter of concentration and desire as much as anything."

Hit Anthony Rendon second? Where to hit Jayson Werth? How about Ian Desmond? Matt Williams has even more choices now.

Now they just need to maintain their hot bats going forward.

Matt Williams: "If we get a chance to swing at that fastball, we need to do that."

"It’s magnified, of course, if you’re not scoring runs. It’s important for us to grind."

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