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Martin, 30, is in the majors for the first time after a wild journey from California to Mexico to here.

Since 2013, he has been called up to the majors 11 times. He finally found some peace after making the team.

The first starting lineup of the spring training season is here for your perusal.

Left-handed reliever Xavier Cedeno has shuttled back and forth between Syracuse and the Nationals often over two years.

Xavier Cedeno has been the extra-arm, lefty specialist of choice this season, while Taylor Hill will return to starting at Syracuse.

The left-handed reliever will be with the Nationals for, at least, the weekend as an extra arm in the bullpen.

Four position players and one pitcher are slated to join the Nationals in Philadelphia.

In recent weeks, three pitchers have debuted for the Nats. A fourth -- one with big league experience -- is also rejoining the squad.

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  • Jun 7, 2013
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