Todd Lodwick leads the U.S. team into Fisht Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremonies Friday night.(EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG)

Of the top five moments from Friday night’s Opening Ceremonies that were rewatched on TIVO, four had a definite Russian flavor.

The fifth was U.S. flag bearer and Nordic combined star Todd Lodwick, leading the American contingent into Fisht Olympic Stadium.

The failure of the fifth Olympic ring to “materialize” from a snowflake, not surprisingly, made the list. Everyone likes an epic fail.

The list, as supplied by TIVO:



9:25:47 PM

Team USA enters Fisht Olympic Stadium to rousing applause. 230 athletes strong, USA is led by Nordic combined skier Todd Lodwick. Making his sixth Olympic appearance in the Winter Games, Todd was elected by his teammates to carry the Stars and Stripes.

8:24:57 PM

As a chorus of Russian singers serenades the crowd, four—out of five—large hovering snowflakes morph into Olympic rings. Unfortunately the fifth snowflake fails to transform. Oops!

9:46:01 PM

The Russian Federation enters the stadium to a thunderous ovation. As Bob Costas said, “Through all the headlines, all the issues surrounding the games, this is the moment they have been waiting for. To march into their own Olympic stadium…” With 232 athletes, the Russian Federation just edges out the USA with the largest contingent.

9:56:45 PM

Russian ice dancers re-enact the construction of Moscow’s St Basil’s Cathedral utilizing large toy-like replicas of the stunning edifice.

8:31:10 PM

The Russian Federation flag is raised as a choir performs the State Anthem while, on the floor of the stadium, a human light show simulates the flag blowing in the wind.