The Olympics are one of the most elite competitions in the world, which inevitably means that most competitors have to lose. Some of them lose stoically; some lose in obscurity, away from nosy reporters and all-seeing TV cameras. And some lose like U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner.

The consensus among the lip-readers of the Internet is that she’s mouthing “that’s bull****.”

Wagner’s reaction to her short program score — a 63.10, which put her well behind favorites such as Russia’s Julia Lipnitskaya — has already become the stuff of legend, joining McKayla Maroney’s “unimpressed” face in the halls of Olympic memedom. (For proof, look no further than the “Ashley Wagner” tag on Tumblr, where amateur photoshoppers have reveled in making images like this one.)


But Wagner certainly wasn’t the only one with an epic disappointed-face during this weekend’s events, nor will she be the last. There was also Bode Miller’s wife, Morgan, clearly devastated by her husband’s eighth-place finish in men’s downhill sking:


And Hannah Kearney, the U.S. mogul skier who won gold in Vancouver, teared up in an interview with NBC before tweeting that “bronze feels like a broken heart”:

But there have, of course, been moments of triumph as well. Justine Dufour-Lapointe, a (shrieky!) Canadian mogul skier, won gold over the weekend:

Meanwhile, Italian Christof Innerhofer, who medaled in alpine downhill skiing, “celebrated silver as if it were gold”:


Then there’s Vladimir Putin, Russian president and Sochi overseer, who appears unmoved by the whole thing. According to New York magazine, this was his response to Russia’s finish in the new team ice skating category.

… Russia won first place.