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By now, the exploits of bobsledder Johnny Quinn and his busted bathroom door have been well-documented. But in case you need a refresher:

Quinn attained his lofty status with a simple tweet of his accidental misadventure in an Olympic Village bathroom — #Sochijailbreak. The tweet, a photo of a bathroom door he’d burst through, went viral. It was retweeted over 25,000 times and favorited over 13,000 times and, suddenly, Johnny Quinn was a household name. Quinn, a former practice squad player for the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills and Saskatchewan of the CFL, jumped into the shower — and, when he couldn’t get out of the bathroom, he tried to rouse his teammates.

“My neighbors are my two other teammates on the bobsled, so I was banging on the wall, trying to get their attention and — nothing, nothing,” he told CNN’s Rachel Nichols. “Not so much panic because I had running water, but I was sitting there banging on random parts of the wall to see if I could, you know, catch somebody’s attention and, as I’m banging on random parts going around the bathroom, I kind of hit the door and it cracks.

“So I go a little bit harder and my fist goes through the door. So I see light and I’m like, ‘Okay, time to get out of here now.’”

On Monday, however, the Olympian most famous for getting stuck was stuck once more — this time in an elevator.

And the “Johnny Quinn is Stuck” Internet sensation showed no signs of slowing down as celebrities began to tweet at the newest Olympic star.

The bobsled competition begins on Feb. 16, let’s hope Quinn doesn’t get stuck in his sled.

Johnny Quinn explains how he broke out of a Sochi bathroom