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Kate Hansen dances her way to luge fame

There’s only one way Kate Hansen can get ready for a luge race: Busting a move.

NBC’s cameras caught the luger doing her pre-race dance on Monday night. From

Hansen is currently in the top 10 of women’s singles luge. The broadcast on Monday caught her pre-race routine, wherein Hansen puts a pair of cans over her ears and proceeds to boogie like no one’s watching.
“Honestly, I’m in my own world,” Hansen said during a post-race TV interview. “It doesn’t matter who’s staring, I’m still going to dance.”
Hansen … finished her second run with a total time of 1:41.375, good for 10th overall as of her finish. American teammate Erin Hamlin is currently third in the standings, at 1:40.632.

But the question that has been on everyone’s mind, is who she’s jamming to?

If Hansen wins luge gold in Sochi, could she end up with a date with her dancing inspiration like Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson did?