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American skeleton competitor Katie Uhlaender wanted a little help deciding which of her two patriotic helmets she should wear as she goes for the gold, so she asked people to vote on Twitter.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Uhlaender announced Monday that she will wear a dramatic Eagle-themed helmet when she competes in the women’s skeleton event here this week. The three-time Olympian let the public chose between two helmet designs via a vote on Twitter over the weekend and was stunned by the response.

“I didn’t realize it was going to go that crazy,” she said.

The interactive idea came to Uhlaender when she was in the village and joking around with snowboarders, including gold medalist Jamie Anderson, about which helmet to wear.

“I just decided to tweet a photo of both helmets and see what the public thought. Because I wasn’t sure about changing helmets just before the Olympics was a good idea and it blew up,” Uhlaender said. “There were like a thousand tweets about it. I decided to tally it up and let them pick my helmet.”

The social media-endorsed helmet was done by the same person who designed Olympic champion skier Picabo Street’s helmets. Street has served as a mentor to Uhlaender, helping her regain her competitive focus after her father’s death.

She took to Twitter this morning to reveal the winner, tweeting a pick of herself and the helmet with Street.

Skeleton competitors go headfirst down the track, so their helmets have caught lots of attention since the Games began.