It’s no longer news when people take photos of themselves, but apparently no one clued in the AP. The wire service moved this (entertaining, if for all the wrong reasons) report on “Sochi selfies” over the weekend.

“BREAKING: People photograph their loved ones next to recognizable international landmark,” is our suggested alternate title.

Among the video’s astute observations: “So many selfies are being taken here that people are forgetting how to change from the front camera to the back-side camera on their phones” (what?) and “mothers are taking pictures of sons, and daughters are taking pictures of mothers … and then there are husbands taking pictures of wives.” (This, of course, completely violates the definition of a selfie.)

Please let this serve as a friendly reminder that people have been taking pictures of themselves next to important buildings and monuments since the photograph was invented. It has little to do with Olympic zeitgeist and even less to do with “selfies,” that fun millenial buzzword we all like to throw around.

This, on the other hand, is a Sochi selfie worth talking about: That’s bobsledder Aja Evans, snapping photos with just about every other U.S. athlete she can find.