These eyes…need a little work. (Christophe Ena / AP)

After his disappointing performance Sunday in the downhill, Bode Miller analyzed his performance, saying that he can’t see very well when the slopes aren’t sunny.

There’s a reason for that. He was supposed to have Lasik and did not, a decision that cost him dearly.

“I was supposed to get an eye surgery earlier this year,” Miller said (via the Associated Press). “We just never found a time to do it because the race schedule was so tight. We were pretty pissed off looking back that we hadn’t found a time to do that. For me, my vision is critical. When the light’s perfect, I can ski with any of the best guys in the world. When it goes out, my particular style suffers more than the guys who are more stable and don’t do as much in the middle of the turn.”

He’ll try to bounce back in the super combined Friday.