Jacky Chamoun (Associated Press)

Things are heating up in Sochi, but it has nothing to do with the rising temperatures. The Lebanese Sports and Youth Minister has ordered an investigation after a video and photos of a topless Jacky Chamoun surfaced on the Internet. From the Associated Press:

Faisal Karameh’s order was carried by Lebanon’s National News Agency on Tuesday, a day after a video appeared on the Internet showing Jacky Chamoun and another female Lebanese skier topless and posing for a photographer on the slopes of Lebanon’s mountain resort of Faraya.

Chamoun is one of two athletes competing for the Arab country in Sochi.

The 22-year-old skier took to Facebook to respond to the controversy.

“[It] wasn’t supposed to go public,” Chamoun wrote. “I know that Lebanon is a conservative country and this is not the image that reflects our culture. I fully understand if you want to criticize this.”

Supporters have taken to Twitter to voice their support of Chamoun.

NowThis News runs the numbers on how some Olympic athletes pass their time when not competing, and the, um, safety measures in place for them at the Olympic Village. (NowThis News)

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