As the Washington area prepares to deal with many, many inches of snow.

(Courtesy of the Capital Weather Gang)

They’re having the opposite problem at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Since the Games began last week, temps have routinely been in the upper 50s and low 60s. And Sochi officials are being forced to bring in snow from their reserve stock for some venues. Liz Clarke reported:

Sochi’s snow-contingency plans include collecting 710,000 cubic meters of snow over the past two years and stowing it in insulated silos. In addition, officials have hundreds of “snow guns” capable of manufacturing snow and blasting it where needed.

The Russians are keeping snow covered with insulated blankets to add to event courses that have melted since the Games began.

One of Sochi’s snow storage facilities. (Associated Press)

Slushy snow conditions, caused by rising temperatures and humidity, have wreaked havoc on events in the mountains. Most notably, several of the odds-on favorite snowboarders had trouble staying upright on the halfpipe Tuesday.



The heat hasn’t gone unnoticed by many in Sochi for the Games, as many are reporting people laying out tanning instead of being bundled up like you typically would be for a Winter Olympics.

And just so no one thinks anyone is piling on Sochi, the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver ran into similar problems with heat.