Torger Nergaard of Norway slides with the stone during a round robing match with Germany on Wednesday. (Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)

You may not be into curling (yet), but millions of others are, including the Washington Nationals. The team, begins spring training today in Viera, Fla., tuned the clubhouse television to curling Thursday, The Associated Press reports. (They also watched a bit of hockey.)

And D.C.’s baseball team isn’t alone in its fandom.

“Curling is almost unstoppable,” NBC Sports Group Chairman Mark Lazarus said, talking about the 1.2 million people who tuned in Monday to CNBC, which has been airing curling games each afternoon.

Hollywood Reporter writes about even stronger numbers: “Five telecasts on Monday delivered 5 million viewers to NBC Sports, making it the biggest performer in all of cable between noon and 7 p.m. It’s a first for the network.”

Of course, to curling fans, these numbers don’t come as a surprise. Curling is fascinating, and not just because of the Norwegian team’s loud pants (although admittedly, those uniforms are highly entertaining). Curling is called “chess on ice” for a reason — the strategy is engrossing. Just ask Vernon Davis. Yes, if you still didn’t know, the 49ers star is such a fan that he’s been named the U.S. curling team’s honorary captain in Sochi.

“I don’t know what it is exactly, but it’s just one of those sports that intrigues me,” Davis told the San Jose Mercury News. “There’s a lot of strategy.”

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