U.S. Coach Dan Bylsma made the winning decisions in the United States’ 3-2 win over Russia. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

After seeing the United States’ 3-2 victory over Russia in a shootout, fans may be wondering how the same player — T.J. Oshie — was allowed to take five shots in a row, including the game winner. The rules for overtime and shootouts in Olympic hockey differ from those for the NHL. Here is a breakdown, in case you’d like to watch the replay at 6 p.m. (NBC Sports Network).

Preliminary round: Five-minute, 4-on-4 overtime.

Playoff rounds (qualifications round, quarterfinals, semifinals, bronze medal): 10-minute, 4-on-4  overtime.

Gold medal game: 20-minute, 4-on-4 overtime. Teams also get a 20-minute break before the OT period and will change ends.

 Shootouts: This is where it gets interesting. Each coach designates three players for the shootout, and they each must take one shot. According to international rules for Game Winning Shots (aka shootouts), “If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the GWS will continue with a tie-break shoot out by one player of each team, with a reversed shooting order. The same or new players can take the tie-break shots.” (Thanks to alert reader Dan and Katie Carrera for setting me straight.)

Russian Coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov dropped Evgeni Malkin after his first miss and went Ilya Kovalchuk-Pavel Datsyuk-Kovalchuk-Datsyuk-Kovalchuk. U.S. Coach Dan Bylsma went Oshie-Oshie-Oshie-Oshie-Oshie. That proved to be the winning formula.

Saturday’s shootout

Round 1: Oshie scores for US, Malkin misses for Russia

Round 2: James van Riemsdyk stopped for USA, Datsyuk stopped for Russia

Round 3: Joe Pavelski stopped for USA, Kovalchuk scores for Russia

Round 4: Kovalchuk stopped,  Oshie misses (tied 1-1)

Round 5: Datsyuk scores, Oshie scores (2-2)

Round 6: Kovalchuk scores, Oshie scores (3-3)

Round 7: Datsyuk stopped, Oshie stopped (3-3)

Round 8: Kovalchuk stopped,  Oshie scores (USA wins 4-3)

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