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Sweden claims the top seed in the next round of the men’s hockey tournament with wins over the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Latvia.

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The United States is seeded No. 2 after wins over Slovakia, Russia in a shootout and Slovenia.


Canada is at No. 3 with wins over Norway, Austria and an overtime win over Finland.

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Finland rounds out the top four after wins over Austria and Norway and the overtime loss to the Canadians.

Each of the top four seeds claim byes into the quarterfinal round.

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After a decisive win over Slovenia in its opening game, Russia lost its next contest the United States in a shootout, but bounced back to beat Slovakia on Sunday in a shootout.

Here are the matchups for the qualification round:

No. 5 Russia vs. No. 12 Norway

No. 6 Switzerland vs. No. 11 Latvia

No. 7 Czech Republic vs. No. 10 Slovakia

No. 8 Slovenia vs. No. 9 Austria

And the matchups in the quarterfinal round:

No. 1 Sweden will face Slovenia/Austria

No. 2 United States will face Czech Republic/Slovakia

No. 3 Canada will face Switzerland/Latvia

No. 4 Finland will face Russia/Norway