Dutch speedskaters in women’s team pursuit. REUTERS/Marko Djurica

The Netherlands is good at speedskating.

The Dutch have won 21 speedskating medals so far in Sochi — more than all but four other nations have earned in all sports combined — and have a chance to win two more on Saturday in the men’s and women’s team pursuit.

Dutch speedskating Coach Jillert Anema was thus interviewed on CNBC, and he was asked about the Americans’ speedskating struggles in Sochi and their Under Armour suit controversy.

Anema briefly acknowledged the mental effect the suits may have had, then went on to essentially say the U.S. is only elite in sports it has created, like football, and is not anything special in sports the rest of the world also focus on, like soccer, or, naturally, speedskating.

Anema was then challenged by host Joe Kernen, and went on to say that the Americans “waste a lot of talent” on a “foolish” sport like football, which Anema says is a sport that is “meant to kill each other” and “sucks.”

Check out the video of the interview here, and see if you don’t get fired up by the opinionated coach.