The team from the United States USA-1, with Steven Holcomb, Curtis Tomasevicz, Steven Langton and Christopher Fogt, take a curve during the men’s four-man bobsled competition final Sunday. (Michael Sohn/Associated Press)

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — With one run to go, Steve Holcomb and the USA-1 sled are in good position to bring home Team USA’s 28th medal of these Sochi Olympics.

Though the top American sled lost ground on the leading Russian team, Holcomb’s crew jumped from fourth place to third following the third heat in the four-man competition.

The USA-1 sled posted a heat time of 55.30 seconds Sunday at Sanki Sliding Center, 0.28 seconds behind the Russia-1 sled. The Americans enter the final heat with a total time of 2:45.66, 0.45 seconds behind the Russians, who already took gold in the two-man event here.

Holcomb, the pilot whose trying to defend his Vancouver gold here, was able to move up a spot in the standings, though, because the Germany-1 sled, which began the day in third place, finished its run in 55.47 seconds, only the heat’s sixth-best time. The Germans were later surpassed by the Russia-2 sled, which enters the last heat in fourth place, just 0.15 seconds behind Holcomb and his crew.

The USA-2 sled, piloted by Nick Cunningham, sits in 12th place through three heats. The crew posted a time of 55.97 seconds in the third heat and with a total time of 2:47.06, trailing the Russia-1 sled by 1.85 seconds.

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