Steven Holcomb (L-R), Curtis Tomasevicz , Steven Langton, Christopher Fogt with their bronze medals after the men’s four-man bobsled competition. (Tobias Hase/EPA)

In the early hours of the final day of the Sochi Olympics, Steve Holcomb and USA-1 won the bronze medal in the four-man bobsled, giving the United States its 28th and final medal of these Games.

Russia took gold and Latvia silver.

Yesterday, Norway swept the podium in the final women’s cross-country meet. This morning, it was Russia’s turn.

Alexander Legkov took gold, Maxim Vyleghanin silver and Ilia Chernousov bronze in the men’s 50-kilometer mass start, the final cross-country event of the Games. It was a photo finish for teammates Vyleghanin and Chernousov.

Norwegian Martin Johnsrud Sundby was fourth.

(If you care about such things, the Russian sweep put them atop the medal count with 33, and also had the most gold medals (13). Norway’s shutout in cross-country left them behind the United States with 26.)

And the gold medal game between Canada and Sweden is underway. And then … it’s over.

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