Marina Shifrin's former company has an answer to her viral "I quit" video stunt: "We're hiring."

The Taiwanese company Next Media Animation has released its own video, in which the company's employees are seen dancing to the same Kanye West song that Shifrin boogied to in her now Web famous resignation video. The company's cheeky response reveals that employees "eat our lunches at our desks because there aren't restaurants around" and have access to a "rooftop pool and sauna," and it also makes clear that Shifrin had the best moves of the bunch. It ends this way: "We want to wish Marina well and let everyone know"—pausing for a dance break—"we're hiring."

So, what do you think? Is the video a brilliant way to show future employees that the studio has a sense of humor? A bitter imitation that comes off spiteful? Or maybe a sign that the whole thing was a big publicity stunt?

Jena McGregor is a columnist for On Leadership.

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