The former GSA administrator talks with Lillian Cunningham about coping with a professional crisis. (Lillian Cunningham, Gillian Brockell, Sandi Moynihan and Julio C. Negron/The Washington Post)


On April 2, 2012, Martha Johnson resigned as the head of the General Services Administration. The Washington Post feature story "Resigned" chronicles the events and White House discussions that led to her resignation, as well as her efforts to rebuild a career post-crisis.

While reporting the story, I asked Johnson to share some of her thoughts on video as part of our "On Leadership" series, in which we ask prominent figures about the lessons they have learned from pivotal moments in their lives. In this video, Johnson talks about the difficulty of telling her staff she would be resigning — and how going through that crisis had the unexpected effect of broadening rather than reducing her understanding of self.

The video above is part of our ongoing series, and is also featured within the story: "Resigned. The fast fall of a Washington career."