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Everyone has slept in at some point. It just usually doesn't make headlines when it happens.

Then again, this is Marissa Mayer we're talking about, and everything she does — from what she wears to how long she took off to have a baby to whether she calls herself a feminist — seems to generate interest. On Monday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Yahoo CEO was nearly two hours late to a private dinner set up by Interpublic Group at an advertising festival last week that included executives from several big companies. According to the newspaper's sources, her explanation was: She had fallen asleep. 

Some of the people in the meeting cared enough to tip off the newspaper, which noted Mayer's increased efforts to woo advertisers as the company's share of the U.S. display advertising market has declined. (An email to Yahoo was not immediately returned; the Journal said a company spokeswoman declined to comment except to say "we value our partnership with IPG and all of our advertisers.") How much the rest of the world cares is another question. 

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