Not sure where to begin brushing up on presidential history? Or already a history buff and want some new recommendations?

The Presidential podcast, consisting of 44 episodes leading up to election day in November, examines the leadership and legacy of each of the American presidents. As listeners tune in each week, the podcast reveals the ways in which our collective sense of what’s ’presidential’ has evolved over the years and how each president—effective or ineffective, esteemed or forgotten—has something to tell us about what it takes to hold the nation’s highest office.

Many of the guests on our episodes are prominent historians and biographers who have written in far more depth about each president than we could possibly get into in a single podcast episode. So we've put together a reading list to complement the podcast. We'll update it each week with books that are either mentioned in the newest episode or are written by our featured guests. We're also including here the books that readers voted the best presidential biographies for The Fix's reading list.

There are tons of great biographies that won't make this list, only because we're focusing here on ones that are directly connected to each episode. But we'd love for all you avid readers out there to chime in with your favorite presidential tomes in the comments section below, so others can see your recommendations. We'll also be updating the list as we progress through the presidency and pick up additional reading material.

Here goes:

EPISODE 1: George Washington

EPISODE 2: John Adams

EPISODE 3: Thomas Jefferson

EPISODE 4: James Madison

EPISODE 5: James Monroe

The list below will be updated with more titles as the episodes are released each week.

EPISODE 7: Andrew Jackson

EPISODE 8: Martin Van Buren

EPISODE 9: William Henry Harrison

EPISODE 10: John Tyler

EPISODE 11: James K. Polk

EPISODE 12: Zachary Taylor

EPISODE 13: Millard Fillmore

EPISODE 14: Franklin Pierce

EPISODE 15: James Buchanan

EPISODE 16: Abraham Lincoln

EPISODE 17: Andrew Johnson

EPISODE 18: Ulysses S. Grant

EPISODE 19: Rutherford B. Hayes

EPISODE 20: James Garfield

EPISODE 21: Chester Arthur

EPISODE 22: Grover Cleveland (22nd and 24th president)

EPISODE 23: Benjamin Harrison

EPISODE 24: William McKinley

EPISODE 25: Theodore Roosevelt

EPISODE 26: William Howard Taft

EPISODE 27: Woodrow Wilson

EPISODE 28: Warren G. Harding

EPISODE 29: Calvin Coolidge

EPISODE 30: Herbert Hoover

EPISODE 31: Franklin Roosevelt

EPISODE 32: Harry S. Truman

EPISODE 33: Dwight D. Eisenhower

EPISODE 34: John F. Kennedy

EPISODE 35: Lyndon B. Johnson

EPISODE 36: Richard Nixon

EPISODE 37: Gerald Ford

EPISODE 38: Jimmy Carter

EPISODE 39: Ronald Reagan

EPISODE 40: George H.W. Bush

EPISODE 41: Bill Clinton

EPISODE 42: George W. Bush

EPISODE 43: Barack Obama

Note: Throughout the podcast, one reference book that has been very useful in providing an overview of each presidency has been To the Best of My Ability, edited by James M. McPherson.