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New research on 4,200 companies looks at the benefits that go along with strong female leadership on their boards.

Tech companies still lag most other industries when it comes to the gender makeup of their boards.

What's the reason for the link?

New research finds that yes, there may really be a link between MBAs and self-serving behavior

A major new study from LeanIn and McKinsey examined women's career ambitions.

Will diversity go up and bias go down if recruiters can't see which school a job candidate attended?

New data released Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau show no significant closing of the gender pay gap.

People showed higher levels of energy, motivation and concentration after a specific kind of break.

Pay for corporate directors at Fortune 500 companies has reached a new high

A new analysis by Glassdoor offers a preview of what the CEO-to-worker pay ratios could look like when the SEC's new regulations go into place.

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