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Sallie Krawcheck talks about her new book, online speech since the election and why she wants to talk about her experiences getting fired.

A chat with the Undercover Economist about his new book on the upside of disorder in our lives

The list has a "larger goal of humanizing" the firm's leaders, a spokeswoman said. One even wore a Seinfeld-ian puffy shirt.

The former tech editor and satirical writer Dan Lyons chatted with On Leadership about his new book, which offers a scathing look at his time at a marketing software company

Here's a companion guide of books to read if you're hooked on the Presidential podcast.

A new book examines what Miles Davis, Larry Ellison and Alice Waters have in common

Wharton's popular youngest-tenured professor explains how to get an unconventional idea to take root in a conventional corporate culture.

A number of helpful, while still engaging, volumes have been published recently that are worth picking up.

Here's a rundown of books that prominent leaders recommend, none of which you'll find on the business shelf.

It's time to clear your head, your to-do list and your inbox.

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