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And now, a little something from the overzealous H.R. files.

At least all the focus now is on Mayer's professional decisions, rather than her personal life.

A.G. Lafley's re-emergence at the helm brings hope to the company, but also plenty of unique issues both Lafley and the board will have to carefully manage.

On the Internet, words never die.

While shareholders decided not to split the roles of chairman and CEO at JPMorgan, leadership thinkers are torn over whether that's the right move.

Here's what you need to know about the tech world's biggest new star.

We've all wished the line between what some people call bullying and what others call strong leadership wasn't so fuzzy.

It's not every day a CEO signs off this way when publicly commenting about a merger.

Horrible boss extraordinaire Michael Scott reappeared on The Office to bid the show farewell.

Susan Lyne, CEO of AOL's Brand Group and former CEO of Gilt Groupe, on how she learned to go from second in command to top leader.

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