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People showed higher levels of energy, motivation and concentration after a specific kind of break.

The number of S&P 500 companies with all-male boards of directors has now dropped to an even dozen.

So why is the overall number of women on boards still relatively flat?

Much of the "weekend effect" for emotions like happiness and enjoyment can be explained by the quality of a person's workplace.

Researchers found an overall link between big handwriting and financial misreporting.

Why is it that sports like tennis and surfing dole out equal prize money, but soccer and cricket have a huge gap?

The number of women directing Hollywood's biggest films, already low, has gotten even worse in recent years.

And Washington is the slowest city in the nation by far, job seekers say.

Glassdoor's annual list is out, ranking leaders according to the ratings their own employees give them.

A recent study casts doubt on the the long-held stereotype that women who get ahead don't help other women.

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