Hillary Clinton’s e-mail security wasn’t exactly lock-and-key. (REUTERS/Saul Loeb/Pool)

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•  Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system gets a security “F” rating.

•  Clinton now admits it “might have been smarter” to use the State Department’s system.

•  Still, the likely presidential candidate says she did not e-mail any classified materials.  

•  Some entrepreneurs are trying to cash in on the e-mail scandal.

•  The Export-Import Bank’s survival may depend on its ability to court more small businesses.

•  The U.S. budget deficit continues to go down… at least for now.

The Economy

•  A new survey says that small and mid-sized businesses continue to be optimistic for 2015.

•  U.S. wholesale inventories are rising as sales posted their largest drop since 2009.

•  February’s small business optimism ticked higher.

•  These are the 25 most economically powerful cities in the world.


•  A restaurateur fires back at disgruntled workers with a lawsuit of his own.

•  In the latest sign of trouble, Target cuts 1,700 jobs. 

•  The shopping center industry is urging the passage of the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2015.

•  A waiter receives new teeth as a tip from a customer.

•  These are the 10 most engaged retailers on Twitter.


•  Why this new business owner is living a sweet life.


•  Software company SAP is bringing new data discovery and visualization tools to small and mid sized businesses.

•  Apple’s Safari browser is being targeted by FREAK attacks.

•  A pioneering technology blog closes down.

•  An executive is concerned that technology is not doing enough to protect the confidentiality of paper documents.

•  Cheaper sensors will fuel the age of smart everything.


•  This infographic explains why small businesses need mobile marketing.

•  Michelle Van Slyke explains what it’s like to lead the marketing efforts at the UPS Store.


•  Check out the five advanced techniques that this writer uses to make money on his blog.

•  Amazon is giving consumers 25,000 reasons to check out its appstore.

•  An apartment complex wants to fine its tenants $10,000 if they write a bad online review.


•  These are four booming industries for aspiring business owners

•  These companies think the future of wearables is wellness, not watches.

•  Why field services is the next frontier for mobile apps. 

•  Cybersecurity companies are booming in the wake of recent corporate attacks.


•  As the National Association of Women’s Business Owners celebrates its 40th anniversary

•  Uber announces plans to have one million women drivers by 2020.

•  How employee recruiting is being disrupted.

•  Some advice on how to handle March Madness in your office.

•  Apple commits more than $50 million to non-profits to get more women, minorities, and veterans working in tech. 


•  A personal vending machine is introduced that Richie Rich would love.

•  A new product called Sprayable Sleep promises to cure insomnia.       


•  This is how to tell the difference between a fakepreneur and an entrepreneur.

Around the Country      

•  McDonald’s is suing Seattle over the city’s $15 minimum wage.

•  South Dakota may be joining four other states in raising its speed limit.

•  A California business owner feels threatened by the racist messages he’s receiving.

•  A Pennsylvania shop owner worries that a bridge closure will drive him out of business.

•  Last year more companies expanded or relocated to Chicago than anywhere in the U.S.

•  These are the strangest conventions in America.

Around the World

•  Barclay’s Bank launches the first ever British Twitter payment service.

•  A British business owner feels punished after a bank’s error almost forces her to close.

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