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My crowdfunding campaign: A standing desk for small spaces

December 4, 2015 at 8:00 AM EST

Welcome to On Small Business’s series spotlighting interesting crowdfunding campaigns. Every week, we’ll feature a new company or individual attempting to raise money through these new online portals.

Who: Jamie Terbeest, 40, a defense contractor who designs wireless infrastructure for large buildings.

What: A wall-mounted standing desk for small spaces.

Where: Northwest Washington

Raised: $3,790 (as of Dec. 2) of a $70,000 goal on Kickstarter. The campaign goes through Dec. 18.

What’s the pitch?

About a year ago, when it was time to make way for his first baby, Jamie Terbeest began turning his home office into a nursery.

That meant relocating his standing desk into the living room. He didn’t want an eyesore, and he wanted it to take up as little space as possible in his 1,000-square-foot apartment. His solution: A wall-mounted desk that he designed and created over a couple of weekends at TechShop, a co-working space in Crystal City.

“Once I started using it, it dawned on me that other people might want something like this too,” said Terbeest, who has been standing at his desk for about five years.

He found a manufacturer in Rockville who can make the desks in less than an hour (it took Terbeest about four hours to build his) and took the idea to Kickstarter.

How does it work?

The StandCrafted desk has a ‘spine’ — a vertical bar that is screwed into the wall — that serves as its foundation. There are 10 slots along the spine where users can place ‘modules’ for different items, including a computer monitor, table, keyboard, mouse, and laptop. The height and position of each element can be easily adjusted, and wires are hidden behind the desk’s spine.

Terbeest is offering the desk in three types of materials: an industrial-grade thermoplastic (for $395), bamboo ($480) and maple hardwood ($585).

For his part, Terbeest uses his standing desk on a daily basis. It is currently in his living room, sandwiched between three hanging plants and a floor-to-ceiling window that looks onto P Street NW.

“It’s kind of become the focal point of our living room,” he said.

What is the target demographic?

Although Terbeest initially created the desk for a home office, he says it can be used in a variety of small spaces, including co-working spaces, hotel rooms and coffee shops.

Eventually, he hopes to license the product and look at wide-scale distribution to furniture shops.

Editors note: Our coverage in this series does not constitute an endorsement. For more information about crowdfunding, please check out this SEC Fact Sheet.

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