According to the Small Business Administration, there are about 28 million small business owners in this country and approximately 22 million of them are self-employed or non-employer firms. The rest of these small firms are employing more than 120 million people. That’s a pretty big voting bloc of small business owners and their employees.

That’s probably good news for Republicans.

According to a survey recently released by data research firm Infogroup, most small business owners vote Republican.

The company merged voter registration data from critical swing states with its proprietary database to come up with a combined pool of 5 million businesses and consumers that were asked questions about their party affiliation and other topics.

Of those surveyed, 24 percent of business owners were more likely to be Republican than Democrat. Republicans are way more likely to be presidents, vice-presidents and finance executives than Democrats and the hot industries for Republicans appear to be real estate, financial services and wholesale trade.

The study also found that Republicans tend to have stronger financial indicators than Democrats, such as higher household income, home value, net worth and likelihood to invest. They are also much more likely than Democrats to have a home office, purchase small business insurance, fly more frequently and invest more often in real estate.

What do Democrats do more than Republicans?  Yeah, you guessed it – 70 percent are more likely to be in social services and 40 percent in education.  Democrats are also more likely to work in larger businesses and have a 30 percent more chance to work at the greenest businesses in the country.

“Today’s marketer isn’t targeting a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Democrat’ — they’re targeting a single-household Republican with a home office and a revolving line of credit.” said Gretchen Littlefield, Infogroup’s president of media solutions in a press release.

For someone in marketing, sure. But what if you’re a presidential candidate?