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A card game where adorable bears go to war with awful babies has already raised $1.9 m. on Kickstarter

The guy that brought you “Exploding Kittens” is back, this time with a new game from a talented designer that pits adorable bears against ugly babies. And it’s a hit with investors.

Entrepreneurs Elan Lee and Mathew Inman’s new game, “Bears vs. Babies,” launched earlier this month with a goal of raising $10,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. according to this report from Crowdfund Insider.  It has since raised more than $1.9 million to date from 50,700 backers.

If you like bears and hate babies then this card game is for you. Players are challenged to build monsters with heads, torsos, arms and legs that go to war with an army of horrible little infants that can be provoked into battle. If the bears are stronger, they eat the babies. If the babies are stronger they eat the bears. All the players have to join together to stop the baby army.

The idea came from Inman who reached out to Lee a while ago for design help. “Elan has been designing physical and digital games for most of his career (he invented the genre of alternate reality games, and was formerly the creative director of the Xbox),” Inman wrote on their Kickstarter page. “After months of pestering everyone we knew to play the game with us and tweaking the rules bit by bit, we finally got it to the point where our friends pestered us to play, instead of vice versa. And that eventually brought us here, to Kickstarter, where we’re now pestering the whole internet to play with us.” What fun!

Actually, the real fun is being had by Lee and Inman’s accountants, I’m sure.  The game’s core deck sells for $25 with a not-safe-for-work expansion pack available for $35.  I’m sure we can all guess which version is more popular.  Investors who pledge more than $25 will get a free version of the game (core or expansion deck depending on what’s pledged) when it’s available.

The campaign closes on Nov. 17 and the game is expected to be delivered by June, 2017.