Lena Dunham will not be moving to Canada as she previously vowed. But some people are seriously considering it after Donald Trump’s surprise victory last week. And a CEO of a technology firm wants to play a role for his current and prospective employees.

“I wouldn’t have thought this would be my Wednesday morning recruiting tactic,” Darren Hill told the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Hill, a registered Republican, has sympathies for his minority employees and “serious concerns” about his city’s future under a Trump Presidency. Trump’s statements about ending federal funding for sanctuary cities for undocumented workers, like Philadelphia, are chief among Hill’s fears. He’s even prepared to move his company outside the country if things get bad.

In the meantime, he has other options for his employees. His 150-person e-commerce company, WebLinc, has a 20-person office in Vancouver. After Trump’s victory he offered a transfer to any employee who wants to move there. Hill is not LGBT, Mexican, African-American, or Muslim but… “I obviously have sympathy and empathy for them.” he said in the Philadelphia Business Journal Report. “I really value them working with us and I want to make sure they can continue to do so. If that happens to be in Canada, they’re more than welcome to work there.”

Employees could work in his Canadian office for up to six months with “no issues” but would then need to undergo a formal immigration process for any time spent beyond that.  He doesn’t know how many of his people will take advantage of the offer but already about ten percent of his staff have made inquiries. The offer may be a good recruiting tool for prospective employees too.

“If I need to increase the office space I have there, I will happily do it,” said Hill.