Whenever you hear of a kid creating a “bomb” while taking a bath it probably either means a big mess or a big smell. You get the point.

But not in this case. A New Bedford, Mass. girl is creating her own kind of bath bombs…and making money at it too.

Hannah Grace Walsh mixes up oils, baking soda and a few other secret ingredients (salt, food coloring) into a molded ball that, after drying, will explode when put into water. OK, not explode…more like sizzle. You can watch for yourself on her YouTube and Instagram pages.

The products take up to 30-40 minutes to put together and range from “paradise,” which has a strong, flowery Hawaiian-like aroma to one with a hidden trinket inside. Hannah’s mother and brother also pitch in.

“They’re really selling well,” Shelley Cardoos, the owner of Hippo, a local store that offers hand-made goods and independently designed products told South Coast Today. “She’s had to come in several times to replenish.”

Cardoos knows what she’s talking about. Besides running her shop, she’s the executive director of Entrepreneurship for All, a non-profit which promotes entrepreneurship and social impact in mid-sized cities. Although Cardoos prefers a shower over a bath she’s impressed with the bath bombs. “They’re really good products and very relaxing.” A nearby salon in Hannah’s home town is also selling her bath bombs and Hannah’s sitting on an order for 50 more bath bombs for a bridal shower that promises to be one heck of a party!

Only three weeks into the process, Hannah’s already thinking of expanding into soaps – it’s all part of her master plan to create a line of “natural, handmade beauty products called, Hannah Grace BeYOUtiful.” Trust me, this kid’s never going to need an allowance!