Cast members of the television series “Golden Girls,” clockwise from left, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty. (AP Photo/NBC, File)

C’mon, you remember the “Golden Girls,” right? It was the popular television series that ran for seven seasons in the late 1980’s (it’s also on perpetual re-runs on cable TV). It featured Bea Arthur, Betty White, Estelle Getty and of course Rue McClanahan as the man-hungry Blanche Devereaux. All of these senior citizens shared a house together at 6151 Richmond St. in Miami (thank you Wikipedia). Naturally, they got up to some crazy stuff. My grandmother was a huge fan. Apparently, so is Michael J. La Rue.

So much so that La Rue, and McClanahan’s son have opened up the Rue La Rue Cafe, a “Golden Girls”-themed restaurant in Manhattan, to this report by written by written by Golden Girls super fan Andrea Lynn on NPR.

If you’re a superfan of the show like Andrea then you’re going to love this place. You can eat eggs just like Blanche–steamed in a cappuccino machine (it’s a “Golden Girls” thing). You can gaze at the Emmy award won by McClanahan in 1987 for her work on the show. You can check out the bathroom that’s tiled exactly like the one in Blanche’s home and you can even blanche at Blanche’s signature banana-leaf wallpaper. Other souvenirs like a “Golden Girls” script signed by guest star George Clooney, hand-painted silk kimono costumes worn by the actors and even McClanahan-specific artifacts like a ring she wore once when she appeared in “Wicked” on Broadway are all on display.

For La Rue, the restaurant is a labor of love. He befriended McClanahan 17 years ago on a photo-shoot and remained close with her up to her death in 2010. They were so close that she instructed him to take over her business affairs in lieu of her son and husband, which he has lovingly done in her memory.

Besides the fun memorabilia, the restaurant features dishes from McClanahan’s own recipe book, which includes contributions from her “Golden Girls” co-stars. So if you really want to eat like a Golden Girl, according to the NPR report, “La Rue recommends Sophia’s [Estelle Getty’s character] 16-hour lasagna al forno; the Betty White Cake, a yellow cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes; and a cup of Dorothy’s [Bea Arthur’s character] No-Nonsense Roast Coffee. “And if you have room, shove a piece of Rue’s Poppy Seed Cake in your purse for later.”

Sounds like a great idea for a restaurant, paying homage to a pop-culture classic. But I’m still waiting for someone to launch a “Parks and Recreation”– themed waffle house, myself.