I’m a big fan of Snapchat. I use it all the time, mostly with my family, to exchange pictures, videos and texts. I love it because it gives me an immediate visual image of what’s going on with my kids – exactly at that moment – before disappearing forever (which, given their college-age, is a very good thing).

Unfortunately, after a much ballyhooed initial public offering in March, Snapchat’s stock has dropped, user growth has subsided, and revenue growth has fallen short of expectations.

The good news is that not everyone’s so bearish on the communication service. Many publishers use the platform to advertise and distribute their content. Big companies are also wading in with their content. Now another big company, McDonald’s, is doing something very unique. The fast food giant is leaning on the service to try to fill 250,000 summer jobs.

According to this report on WHNT News, the company this week is rolling out a series of 10-second ads on Snapchat that show happy workers talking up the benefits of working there. With a quick swipe, viewers are redirected to the company’s career website where they can apply for a job.

So why is McDonald’s so bullish on Snapchat? “As we see the younger generations seeking out their first jobs, we want to make them aware of the great opportunities available at McDonald’s,” a human resources executive at the restaurant told WHNT.

Those younger generations are using Snapchat. Digital marketing firm Omnicore reports that 71 percent of the 300-plus million monthly Snapchat users are under 34 years old with 45 percent being between the ages of 18 to 24.

The millennial generation comprises a giant part of today’s workforce and all businesses – big and small – are looking for ways to attract this talent to their companies. Snapchat as a recruiting tool? McDonald’s is giving it a shot.