Sexual harassment complaints are monopolizing the headlines as many celebrities, people in the media and other well-known public figures are being called to account for their behavior. But what’s making less news is a bigger issue: the sexual harassment incidents that are occurring in companies across the country and by people who are not famous.

Hopefully, these incidents are not happening at your company. But if they are, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is giving your employees a new and easy way to file a complaint.

Earlier this month, the EEOC launched a new website with tutorial videos in both English and Spanish where anyone who believes they may have been a victim of harassment can report the incident and initiate an inquiry.

Quartz reports that the website has been created to make the process for filing a report much easier than it was in the past. Previously, anyone who felt that they were a victim would have had to call the agency or physically go into an EEOC office to start the process. Now, all an employee needs to do is fill out a confidential form online and, if the requirements are met, the process will be started. The site is not limited to sexual harassment. It covers all sorts of discrimination including age, race, religion and gender.

As I wrote in October, the EEOC has been busier than ever and the five-member commission–three of who are Obama-era appointees–will continue to have an active schedule throughout 2018. The Quartz report confirms that last year the EEOC fielded 550,000 calls and 140,600 office visits. The new website and online complaint process–not to mention the enormous amount of awareness created by the recent media scrutiny of sexual harassment cases in the workplace–will surely keep the agency active for the foreseeable future.