The chattering has no doubt commenced. People generally avoid making the “so where’s climate change?” joke in front of me, but I’m quite confident they are out there shoveling it around somewhere.

The good news is, the corner on the debate is turning. Mainstream coverage of the subject (except the NY Times) has increased in quantity and quality in the last year, no longer hamstrung by the clueless and lazy “both sides” canard that played into the hands of the deliberate water-muddiers. The critical mass of people who don’t want to think of themselves as irresponsible fools is finally beginning to emerge. Not a moment too soon. But quite possibly a moment too late.

The bad news is that we’ve wasted decades of precious time that we could have desperately used to limit the amount of CO2 that’s in the atmosphere now and won’t be coming out. We don’t have even a year left to waste. Anything that delays things further only pushes us closer to a possible tipping point into climate catastrophe. This kind of long-term problem is hard enough to get people to focus on when it’s hot out. When it’s cold, well, our brains turn into snowballs. And then we have the chances of a snowball you know where.