Here’s a story that could enlighten, or lead to something useful, but instead it will cause you to laugh, and then resume your usual despair about the US political system. The title of the story is  “Overhaul of Israel’s Economy Offers Lessons for United States”.

You may read the story, but it won’t do you any good. Israel has Passed A Law that will change the way their economy works. The thing they are trying to fix is somewhat different than our situation over here, but one of the implications is the same: Income Inequality. And their political process is head-throbbingly similar to ours. But they actually did something. They have income inequality and don’t like it. We have not yet made up our minds on that, at least the media consensus is that we haven’t . They have Taken Steps. We do not take steps. We vote instead for additional straitjackets of paralysis. OUR experts are in the business of telling us There Is Nothing Anybody Can Do. Israel did something.

So what’s the funny part? The ‘Offers Lessons’ part of the story headline. The US does not, cannot, and will not learn anything from any foreign country, ever. We’re Exceptional that way.