In my effort to make this your morning stop for all things criminal justice and civil liberties, I’ll be putting up a morning roundup of stories related to the issues we’ll be covering on this blog. Plus, usually a couple items that aren’t related at all.

Here’s your first set of morning links:

–Federal investigators make horrifying new allegations against former Chicago fired for torture in the 1980s. The latest incident occurred just last year.
— Bill Bratton says Stop & Frisk will continue. New York City criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield isn’t surprised.
Headline of the day.
An Omaha family’s lawsuit alleges that 32 police officers raided their home in an effort to recover and destroy footage of an altercation with police over a parking dispute.
— The son of Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby is missing.
— Violent crime appears to have fallen pretty much everywhere in 2013. (Except Terre Haute.)