What is on my mind today? A thick door. Why? Some thoughts do not yield to the question “Why?” But this one could possibly be answered with the phrase “Cabin Fever.”

Anyway, today a thick door it is. How thick? Six inched thick. Wood. Hard wood. Make that eight inches thick. Nine! A nine-inch thick wooden door. With huge iron hinges and a heavy clanking latch. But oiled. No squeaking. The mechanisms, are heavy, but smooth, and noise-free, except of course the booming Ka-LUNK when it closes.

I will be in my cabin behind the heavy door today, occasionally looking at it to examine the slight cracking in the grain, but also admiring the buttery softness and splinter-free quality of the aged wood when I touch it. Yes, I am in a cabin fever cabin with a thick wooden door today. Of course a room like this will require some suitable fabrics. Ancient velvet so ponderous that it could not be produced on the mightiest looms of today. Made into curtains which I labor to open to reveal an enormous leaded glass window. The window looks out on a bucolic rolling landscape. In the distance a locomotive can be seen making its deliberate turn to be heading directly at the window I stand before. As I contemplate the locomotive, I wonder how could it be possible that train tracks were laid heading for my cabin, and now what is that I see? A large battering ram mounted on the front of the locomotive? It is clear that I should consider a personal relocation, and promptly, but wait, WHO LOCKED THIS DOOR?!!!