Let’s wrap this up. ‘This’ meaning everything. This week for starters. What a drag. I was dragging all week and the world seemed to be dragging right along with me. At mid-week I took stock. Mid-week, Mid-month, Mid-winter. Yuck. Over. Let’s move on.

So it’s Friday today, which is an excellent start. It is also the beginning of my favorite time of year. Late winter! That’s right, favorite. If you look up on a day when the clouds have parted, you will see something very nice. The sun is higher in the sky. Not rolling like a dirty yellow tennis ball along the southern horizon anymore. Up there in the sky where it belongs! And if you stand in the sun, there is a hint of warmth to it. Every day is longer than the one before! I look in the back of my drawer of seasonal words and rummage around and there it is! FROLIC! While it is not time quite yet for my annual frolic across the springtime meadow, pan-pipes in hand, it is certainly time to bring out the word, and to start bounding around the room practicing. Okay, sure, there is a problem with living in the future. You get ahead of everybody and they look at you like you’re crazy because you are. But what can you do? Frolic, is what.

What else can we celebrate the end of? We are nearing the end of the GOP crusade to undo Obamacare. We are also near the end of their crusade to undo Obama too. Both things have been stuck in their trunk, HIGHLY resembling the pig in the python, and while they haven’t liked it one bit, inevitability has a certain relentless logic about it. Obama has survived, as has the republic, and the uninsured having access to health insurance is something the GOP will to learn to live with, and soon enough will be defending.

The hint of warmth in the sun, and the occasional hint of spring air in the breeze is enough to kindle dreams of a future of normal politics in the frozen land. Crazy, maybe, but one can look forward! One must.