You have to hand it to Thomas Friedman, not that I want to. He tends to hand it to himself on a regular basis, and that makes it a lot less fun to give him a hand. But not all THAT infrequently, he does put his finger on something important

Here’s a little nut for you to chew on. “By 2010, roughly 1,000,000 Syrian farmers, herders and their families were forced off the land into already overpopulated and under-served cities” by a years-long drought that likely was climate-change related. Here we go, climate refugees have arrived. Just a million this time, and their families. And do you suppose this mass migration and social disruption had anything to do with the instability and decent into chaos, war, and bloody carnage? Use your imagination. No, don’t. You don’t need your imagination anymore. It’s all there to look at with your own eyes. Lack of imagination is no longer a defense. Now it’s just willful blindness or stupidity. And if you want to fall back on the dodge that you can’t prove a direct link in this instance, proceed to explain how this won’t inevitably keep happening as climate disruption accelerates. Your plan for this, please?

How about you call on our old friend Bjorn Lomborg who likes to tell us how it’s cheaper to deal with the consequences of climate change through things like dike building. How high a dike will you need to stop the chaos and bloodshed of climate refugees, Mr. Lomborg?