•  A business owner framed for selling crack by an New York Police Department informant has filed a lawsuit. He was saved by a surveillance video. The problem was getting law enforcement officials to bother to look at it.

There’s gold in the YouTube comments section. No, really.

•  Women at Alabama’s Tutwiler Prison face an “environment of rampant sexual abuse.”

• This should get interesting. At a closed-door law enforcement conference, DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart apparently slagged President Obama’s comments about pot and alcohol.

Sperm donor ordered to pay child support, even though the donor and the child’s parents agreed that he’d have no parental rights or responsibilities.

Lawsuit alleges police conducted a “commando-style” raid on a lawyer accused of white-collar crimes.

• Over 100 Washington D.C. police officers have been arrested in the last five years.