In Washington State, some cities and counties are locally overturning the state’s legalization of marijuana.

• Meanwhile, in Colorado, the federal banking regulations are forcing pot shops to operate on a cash-only basis. That could make them and their customers targets for criminals.

• In a final bit of pot news, a Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania was moved enough by the drug’s potential to help epileptic children that he’s leading the state effort to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. The bill is still unlikely to pass.

• The drug- and alcohol-induced drag racing charges against Justin Bieber have been dropped. And it’s starting to look like Miami Beach police may have exaggerated the case against him.

• On its second try, a grand jury has indicted  Officer Randall Kerrick for the death of Jonathan Ferrell. The former football player had been in a car accident and was asking for help when Kerrick shot him.