This post was written by a robot. How do you know? Because it links (once again) to Kevin Drum, like it was programmed to do, just like the human Toles liked to do when he was writing his own posts.

Ha ha! Actulally, I (Toles) am still writing my own posts, but just you wait. The robots are coming soon enough now. I write all today this because people are too slow to pick up the important grand-scale changes that are entirely foreseeable with current knowledge. An example on the negative side of this is Climate Change. On the positive side is the Robot/AI revolution.

The latter is often listed as a negative too, as one of the many varied dystopian futures, and it surely could be. But the possibilities are enrapturing, if you’ll allow yourself a bit of rapture time today. Robots can lift the burden of work drudgery off the human back. We took up this burden out of the necessity of dealing with a population that couldn’t be sustained by hunting and gathering. And that led down the long twisty path of technological advances which has finally arrived at the transformative moment. And you are alive for it! Kinda cool, that part. And the conceptual possibilities truly are close to infinite. Kinda cool that too, if you think about it. But there’s the rub. WE’RE NOT THINKING ABOUT IT!

We can make a new society and economic order unlike anything we’ve seen, with every advantage humanity has ever dreamed about. Or we can just wait around to see how our current economic framework builds out this future badly and unjustly, as it surely will without our vigorous participation in the debate. Let’s have this conversation before the robots and their owners have it for us.